Top Five Signs You Should Have Your Car Serviced


There’s more to owning a Ford than driving it around and making memories. Like anything else of value, it takes time and care to ensure the maintenance of its optimum condition. Your truck will work for years if you let it, but that involves routine maintenance to catch issues that may otherwise sneak up and cause problems for you. Beyond the routine maintenance, however, there are also several signs that you should be aware of, which may indicate significant problems that could ruin your truck if you don’t resolve them promptly. Below we examine the regular maintenance that you should anticipate and attend to, as well as five of the most important signs to watch out for as you drive your Ford.

More Than Just Maintenance

Every Ford car and truck comes with a helpful manual detailing the regular maintenance that you should employ for your vehicle. This car maintenance checklist has items such as oil changes, alignment checks, and tire rotations. This kind of regular activity is a form of preventive maintenance that extends the life of your vehicle and prevents significant problems from cropping up.

However, these guidelines are exactly that: suggestions on how to take good care of your vehicle. Sometimes, issues may crop up between a regular milestone, such as 50k, 80k, or 100k miles. Fortunately, a comprehensive car inspection may catch many of those, as well as frequent oil changes. While some people prefer to handle their oil changes, there’s an important benefit to getting your oil changed at the Ford Service Center in Gainesville, TX. That is, while our talented mechanics change your oil, they also examine other parts of your truck to ensure it’s working just as it should.

The Signs of the Times

Aside from the usual checkpoints and significant milestones, which occur depending on your car model, several signs strongly indicate a pressing problem that you should address. Each of these may be associated with any number of causes, but if you experience any of the following, you should search for a service visit at a ‘Ford Service Center near me’:

  1. Odd Smells - Usually, your truck shouldn’t smell any different than what you have in your cab, whether that’s an air freshener or live bait. Sometimes, though, you can smell something a little off that may be a sign of a severe issue. If you begin to smell sulfur, your catalytic converter may be broken. If you smell gas, your exhaust line may be broken. In either case, you must immediately head to a car service center to avoid illness. 

  2. Engine Heat - Your car’s engine should always remain within safe limits. If you happen to push it a little too far for too long in harsh conditions, perhaps you can see it overheat briefly, but it should return to a stable state swiftly. On the other hand, if your truck is overheating even during regular usage and casual driving, it could be a sign of serious issues. Left unchecked, regular overheating can indicate a problem that will cause serious - and expensive - damage to your engine.

  3. Handling Changes - Over time, your car’s handling will gradually adjust as you use parts and they settle in. However, significant or rapid shifts can be a sign of a problem with the physical components in your vehicle. If the wheels don’t seem to follow your steering wheel properly, you may have more than merely an alignment issue. Further, if your car seems to bounce a lot more over rough terrain, it may suggest more critical problems with your suspension. 

  4. Lights and Indicators - Automotive manufacturers such as Ford have made great strides in improving how cars report issues to their drivers. While in the past, you could only find out something was wrong when a part broke and prevented you from driving anywhere, today your truck may alert you to severe issues before they cause you to break down. Thus, when you see any of those engine indicators light up, it’s worth getting them checked out. Your manual may provide valuable information regarding the kind of issue that your car is experiencing, so look there first to learn more. After you’ve had a chance to look it up, schedule a service appointment at Glenn Polk Ford Service Center in Gainesville, TX.

  5. Fuel Efficiency Loss - Generally, your truck should have consistent fuel efficiency, such that you can rely on getting the same amount of gas at roughly the same time of the week unless you take an extended trip. While your indicators may state an MPG, make sure that what it displays lines up with your experience. Do you find you’re only getting six days’ worth of driving on a tank that used to give you seven? Get a car check now rather than wait until you have a more severe problem.

These five are the most common signs that you’ll come across, but they aren’t the only ones. If your vehicle is acting unusual in any way, it’s always best to play it safe and see a technician as soon as possible.

Top-Notch Service from the Glenn Polk Service Department

You depend on your truck for its incredible longevity, but it relies on you to keep it going. No matter how well-made your vehicle is, it takes an attentive owner to ensure that it receives all the proper maintenance. With all of the regularly scheduled maintenance as well as those times that you catch a problem before it deteriorates, your Ford truck will get you where you need to go for years to come. 

Our technicians have you covered for any maintenance your Ford truck will need. We have years of experience with every kind of Ford car and truck, so our team has seen it all. Let us identify the problem and deliver the solution. Contact Glenn Polk for your Gainesville, TX Ford maintenance needs, and we’ll keep you moving.

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